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 Taco Crawl Salem 2018 Free TShirts, Men's and Women's Design, Thank you Hornitos Tequila

Taco Crawl Salem 2018 Free TShirts, Men's and Women's Design, Thank you Hornitos Tequila

The Salem Oregon Taco Crawl 2018

First things first, thank you to our sponsor Hornitos Tequila (Drink Responsibly).

The Taco Crawl is in it's fourth year of celebration. Every year during the first week of May Downtown Salem Restaurants participate by offering unique flavors, taco specials combined with festive Hornitos Cocktails.

the participating restaurants

Amadeus, Archive Coffee & Bar, Bentley's Grill, Birdies Bistro, Bari Restaurant & Bar, Brown's Town Lounge, Chira's Restaurant & Catering, The Coin Jam Arcade & Grill, The Kitchen on Court, Kraftworks Taphouse, Night Deposit, Magoo's, Ritter's Housemade Food, Taproot Lounge & Cafe, Wild Pear Restaurant & Catering, Venti's Downtown Basement Bar,

Best Way to Stay Up-to-date on Taco Activity

The facebook page is really the best way to know every detail the crawl. People ask questions, information gets posted quickly, and also it's pretty fun to post funny taco graphics. Click here to find us on facebook.

A Video by the King of Salem

Sam and I embark on the 2017 Salem Taco Crawl.


Participating Downtown Restaurants

135 Liberty St NE
(503) 362-8830

Archive Coffee & Bar
102 Liberty St NE Suite 120

Bentley's Grill
291 Liberty St SE
(503) 779-1660

Birdies Bistro
380 High St NE
(503) 393-2087

Bari Restaurant & Bar
136 High St SE
(503) 991-5386

Brown's Towne Lounge
#112, 189 Liberty St NE
(503) 391-9977

Chira's Restaurant and Catering
189 Liberty St NE
(503) 851-8956

The Coin Jam
439 Court St NE
(503) 363-8209

The Kitchen On Court Street
466 Court St NE
(971) 701-6902

241 Liberty St NE
(503) 339-7757

The Night Deposit Whiskey Library
195 Commercial St NE
(503) 375-2333

275 Commercial St SE
(503) 363-5836

Ritter's Eatery
102 Liberty St NE
(503) 339-7928

Taproot Lounge & Café
356 State St NE
(503) 363-7668

Wild Pear Restaurant & Catering
372 State St NE
(503) 378-7515

W. Wallace
383 State Street
(503) 400-6440

Venti's Basement Bar
325 Court St NE
(503) 399-8733

Victory Club
155 Liberty St NE
(971) 304-0004